If you are arriving in Turkey with your partner, you can make your stay here both memorable and romantic by surprising your partner with flowers. You can choose from three different options:
  • Surprise your loved one with a beautiful rose, which comes in red, pink, orange or white. We will make sure you get the freshest rose possible – the driver will pick up the rose just before your arrival.
    5 Euro Per Rose
  • Better than just a rose, this breathtaking bouquet will be expertly arranged and beautifully wrapped by hand. Our driver will deliver it directly to your loved one.
    50 Euro Buket
  • Why give only a rose or just a bouquet – when you can have both! This floral masterpiece will be made up of 12 roses and is available for a special price. You can choose from red, pink, orange and white roses, which will be of the freshest quality.
    50 Euro Buket