How to make an order

Direct transfer

Follow the step-by-step instructions, fill special attention to the correct introduction of the date of transfer, number and time of your flight.

Return transfer

The price of a return transfer is the same as for a direct transfer. When you make an order, you can immediately book round trip transfer.

Order of non-standard transfer

If your order is not standard, or if you could not find your route in the search form, you can order a transfer by contacting us by our e-mail address or in the feedback form. Just specify the details of your trip, and we will inform you about the price.

Don’t know the flight number?

If the flight number is known shortly before departure, we will accept your order with a note that this information will be reported later.

What the time must You specify in the order?

When ordering a direct transfer from the airport, enter the time of arrival of your flight specified in the ticket. When ordering a return transfer, specify the departure time - the time of departure indicated in the ticket, minus 2 hours (or minus 1 hour - when flying by domestic airlines) and minus the time on the road. For example, if your ticket specifies a departure time at 12:00 and the road to the airport takes 60 minutes, the return transfer time should be indicated as 09:00. !!! Please check the departure time in the evening, on the eve of departure and in case of its change contact us.

How can You check if the order is accepted?

After you complete the application, you will be sent a voucher-confirmation to your email address indicated on the booking form. The voucher will include the order number and the information you entered about the trip. This means that your order is accepted, processed and confirmed.

If You did not find your route

If you could not find the starting and / or ending point of your route, please contact us via the contact email address or via the feedback form, and we will offer you transfer options.

How to find the necessary transfer?

Select the departure point and destination in the search form, then you will see all types of vehicles available on this route, with the cost and the possibility of ordering.

Do I need to specify an address?

The correct name of the hotel with indication of the district (for example, Belek) is enough for the order. If you are traveling to a non-standard address (private apartments etc), you need to specify the exact address of the destination.

How long before the trip can I make an order?

The order can be made no later than 18 hours before the transfer time. If you have less than 18 hours left, please contact us. If we have available vehicle, we will take your order.


Should You to pay extra for waiting?

We control your arrival time by the flight number, and in case of a flight delay, we adjust the transfer time. The waiting time at the airport is 60 minutes from the moment of landing; If you do not keep within this time limit - contact us, we will warn the driver. No surcharge is required.

Payment methods

Payment for the transfer is made in cash to the driver, at the end of the trip. The price for the transfer indicated in the application is unchanged.

In what currency should You pay the driver?

The cost of the trip is paid in the currency indicated in the voucher (dollars or euros).You can pay in local currency at the official exchange rate. You are kindly requested to prepare the necessary amount in advance and in cash.

Payment in case of booking of round trip transfer

You pay only for the service already provided to you. In case you simultaneously ordered direct and return transfers at once, you pay separately for a direct, and separately - for a return transfer.

The price for a car or for a person?

The price is indicated for the type of vehicle you ordered, it does not depend on the number of passengers. When choosing a vehicle in the order, the maximum possible number of passengers and baggage is indicated. In addition, only children's car seats are paid extra if you travel with young children.

Meeting with the driver

How to find a driver

Your driver will wait for you at the exit from the terminal building with a name plate (the data you specify when ordering the transfer). At the return transfer at the time specified you need to be at the reception of the hotel, our driver will find you; in some cases we inform in advance the state number of transport, which will come for you.

Does the driver speak English?

Most drivers in Turkey do not speak foreign languages, so if there are any questions we solve them remotely via the driver.

Should You to contact the driver before transfer?

You do not need to communicate with the driver. If you have any questions, changes, etc. - contact us at the contact telephone number indicated in the voucher - and we will help you.

What if you did not find a driver?

If you do not see the plate with your name, check it again, perhaps because of too many people, you simply did not find it. Contact us on the contact phone number indicated in the voucher and we will help you to meet with the driver. We kindly request that you indicate the telephone number that will be guaranteed to work in Turkey, so that we can contact you if necessary.

Conditions of transportation

Traveling with children

When ordering a transfer, it is necessary to indicate the total number of passengers, including children. If you need child car seats - please indicate this separately. The maximum number of car seats per vehicle is 2.


Choose the transport taking into account the amount of your luggage. For example, if you are traveling alone, but have 4-5 pieces of luggage, choose a car that can accommodate all the suitcases.

Changing and canceling an order

You can change or cancel your order by contacting us at the specified address / phone or through the feedback form, preferably not later than 18 hours before the transfer.